By rebalancing at the core of the problem, five element acupuncture offers a unique approach to fertility issues


Through rebalancing at a fundamental level five element acupuncture helps you bring some calm to your hectic life


One of the most fundamental problems of all – five element acupuncture addresses the causes and not the symptoms

five element acupuncture

"The primary aim of five element acupuncture treatment is to treat the whole system, addressing the core imbalance rather than to work solely on a superficial level treating symptoms. When the body and mind are helped to function at their optimum potential energetically, an inherent healing process is revitalised, leading to an increased sense of wellbeing and balance.

We are each of us recognised as unique individuals within the five element system; my treatment approach reflects this and I do everything I can to work authentically with each person I see. While acupuncture often has immediate good results, a truly positive and long lasting change tends to happen as treatment progresses. My task is to keep up the treatment momentum until real change is realised."

Bruce McCallum — LicAc BA(Hons) MAS

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Having observed Bruce many times in clinic I can assure you he genuinely cares for each and every one of his patients. You couldn’t have a more dedicated, caring or humble practitioner on your side, going the extra mile to help you on your path towards healing.

Emily, Sevenoaks

Bruce is a calm and compassionate listener, and I feel comfortable talking to him about whatever is going on. Even so, he always intuits far more than I am able to put into words, and I think it is this quality which makes Bruce so exceptionally gifted as an acupuncturist; he can tell what’s gone wrong even when I don’t know myself.

Charlotte, London

I can thoroughly recommend Bruce. Approaching 40, I had been trying for a second baby for over a year and after a first-trimester miscarriage I decided to approach Bruce for some acupuncture support. After just a few sessions my menstrual cycle changed from being rather unpredictable to text-book regular, and I conceived.

Fiona, London

Acupuncture had a powerful effect on me from day one – I felt Bruce understood me and I appreciated his honesty and assurance. I had a sense of trust in his approach from the outset. After the third treatment, I felt calm and grounded within myself. It was subtle, but I felt different.

Laura, London

Having acupuncture helped to alleviate the pain of my hamstring injury and increased the elasticity of the muscle and I was very happy with the outcome. Bruce tailored the sessions so that we could also improve my general well being, helping with relaxation, sleep and energy levels. I highly recommend!

Angie, London
Regardless of how I feel going into an acupuncture session with Bruce, I never fail to walk out feeling better, calmer and often smiling. His calm and understanding manner is a real tonic, especially if I have been feeling anxious, worried or depressed.
Amy, London
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