COVID-19 Guidelines


The following guidelines have been introduced in line with Government and British Acupuncture Council guidelines, as well those of the clinics I work in. All are in place to minimise risk to all patients and practitioners using the clinic.

General clinic guidelines

On arrival please

  • arrive more or less exactly on time as it's preferable that time spent in the waiting room is minimised as much as possible.
  • text me on arrival and I'll come down and let you in as there is limited reception in both clinics during this time.
  • wear a face-covering on entering the clinic initially.
  • use the sanitiser provided as soon as possible after entering the clinic.
Guidelines for patients in the treatment room
  • Sanitise hands once more.
  • I will supply you with a surgical mask if you aren't already wearing one. Wearing a non-fluid resitant surgical mask is the current NHS and BAcC guideline for patients in clinic.
  • Fill out the BAcC COVID-19 consent form.
  • Generally I will ask patients to get on the couch immediately and not sit in the armchairs for the initial chat. This because the couch is easily sanitised between patients and I can more easily maintain a 2 metre distance from you.

During treatment I will be wearing a fluid resistant surgical mask (FRSM type IIR), full-face visor and plastic apron (yes, it is a sight to see) while taking your pulse, looking at your tongue, and needling. I will endeavour to make sure I step back as often as possible and spend as little time in close proximity as I practically can. In addition, the room will be well ventilated during the treatment - as it gets colder you may consider bringing your own blanket or shawl that you can take away with you.

I am currently leaving 15-30 minutes between patients to allow for surface sanitising and room-airing in preparation for the next patient.