Your 15 minute phone consultation

Please feel free to book a free consult if you have further questions about how acupuncture might help you.

There are differences between acupuncture styles, my particular approach and, most importantly, whether I'll be the practitioner for you. I can answer your questions, talk about my experience and expertise with you particular issue and talk you through some basic acupuncture concepts and how your treatment might progress.

I usually find that prospective patients have a much better idea of what I offer and how the acupuncture might help them after a short phone chat.

It's important that you feel we are good fit as this can only help your progress. Choosing a practitioner is often difficult without a recommendation from someone you trust; in the absence of that, a call can go a long way towards building the trust that is so important.

Contact me via the form on the right (or just call or text if that's easier) and we can book a time for your call. If I can't make the particular time you've asked for, I'll write back to rearrange.

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