Emily, Sevenoaks

Having observed Bruce many times in clinic I can assure you he genuinely cares for each and every one of his patients. You couldn’t have a more dedicated, caring or humble practitioner on your side, going the extra mile to help you on your path towards healing.

Charlotte, London

Bruce is a calm and compassionate listener, and I feel comfortable talking to him about whatever is going on. Even so, he always intuits far more than I am able to put into words, and I think it is this quality which makes Bruce so exceptionally gifted as an acupuncturist; he can tell what’s gone wrong even when I don’t […]

Fiona, London

I can thoroughly recommend Bruce. Approaching 40, I had been trying for a second baby for over a year and after a first-trimester miscarriage I decided to approach Bruce for some acupuncture support. After just a few sessions my menstrual cycle changed from being rather unpredictable to text-book regular, and I conceived.

Laura, London

Acupuncture had a powerful effect on me from day one – I felt Bruce understood me and I appreciated his honesty and assurance. I had a sense of trust in his approach from the outset. After the third treatment, I felt calm and grounded within myself. It was subtle, but I felt different.

Angie, London

Having acupuncture helped to alleviate the pain of my hamstring injury and increased the elasticity of the muscle and I was very happy with the outcome. Bruce tailored the sessions so that we could also improve my general well being, helping with relaxation, sleep and energy levels. I highly recommend!

Amy, London

Regardless of how I feel going into an acupuncture session with Bruce, I never fail to walk out feeling better, calmer and often smiling. His calm and understanding manner is a real tonic, especially if I have been feeling anxious, worried or depressed.