People seeking acupuncture for stress and anxiety is one of Bruce’s most common enquiries, and with good reason.

Our modern world can be stressful. Two-thirds of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime. Symptoms of stress and anxiety can vary hugely from person to person. Some experience physical issues like lethargy, being prone to illness, and skin problems. Others may have mental manifestations such as anger, depression, social withdrawal, and insomnia. However, stress should not be seen as simply part and parcel of keeping busy lives on track. We need to make changes that allow us to thrive - and not just survive - modern life.

Stress and anxiety are symptoms of other issues. As five element acupuncture specifically focuses on treating the underlying cause in order to affect the presenting symptoms, it is a great step to take in helping to eliminate stress and anxiety in your life.

Bruce will apply a several step treatment process to uncover and treat the root cause(s) of your mental (and potentially physical) disparity. He uses five element acupuncture techniques to bring mind, body and spirit back into alignment. This, in turn, relieves the anxiety or mental stresses you are experiencing.

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Bruce’s experience of acupuncture for stress, anxiety & other mental health issues

Stress is one of those all-pervasive states of being that we often don’t acknowledge until we’re in trouble. We all have too much on. Too many deadlines, too much multi-tasking, not enough time to simply break even, never mind get ahead. One of the comments I often hear after a few treatments is: “I feel like the stress is bouncing off me”.
Acupuncture can’t change the circumstances you’re in, but it can make dealing with the day to day stuff easier. More free-flowing.
In dealing with stress and anxiety, I aim as usual to get to the root of the problem - when it started, where it came from and what imbalance it has caused. This, coupled with a few lifestyle tweaks, can tip the balance towards more calm and less angst.

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"...he always intuits far more than I am able to put into words, and I think it is this quality which makes Bruce so exceptionally gifted as an acupuncturist"

I go to see Bruce whenever my emotions are haywire and I want to bring them back into balance: if I've been excessively anxious or irritable, having panic attacks, or if I'm feeling depressed or overwhelmed with fatigue.

He is a calm and compassionate listener, and I feel comfortable talking to him about whatever is going on. Even so, he always intuits far more than I am able to put into words, and I think it is this quality which makes Bruce so exceptionally gifted as an acupuncturist; he can tell what's gone wrong even when I don't know myself. This and his integrated approach; he's just as interested in my eating and sleeping habits, and the state of my relationship, as whatever pain or worry has brought me to see him.

Because of his straightforward and open manner I trust Bruce completely, which is helpful when he's sticking needles into me all over the place! The treatment itself is not always pain-free, but the needles are not left in for long and I always feel a strong sense of relaxation and well being afterwards. Having an acupuncture treatment always brings about a profound physical, emotional and mental shift in me; sometimes so much that I can't stop smiling and laughing all day, after perhaps weeks of feeling down or on edge.

Charlotte, London

"I am so grateful that I gave it a try and would never have predicted the life-changing effect"

I came to Bruce at a time when I was already getting valuable help from psychoanalysis, as well as healing through yoga, but I was still locked into the symptoms of bulimia and felt anxious all the time. I had suffered with an eating disorder since childhood and just couldn’t shake the compulsion of bulimia. I was skeptical about acupuncture, but I felt drawn to try it out, as I had heard it helps with anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviours.

Acupuncture had a powerful effect on me from day one – but in the beginning, for the first two weeks, I felt awful; I was exhausted, emotionally low and my bulimia persisted. I went to see Bruce once a week at first and he explained that this can happen. I felt Bruce understood me and I appreciated his honesty and assurance. I had a sense of trust in his approach from the outset. After the third treatment, I felt calm and grounded within myself. It was subtle, but I felt different.

It’s hard to put into words what acupuncture feels like or does, but there’s definitely a sense of pausing, re-balancing and harmonising. I still have anxious days and get down, but I am in another place all together compared to where I was two years ago. I go to acupuncture once every four to six weeks these days, unless I am feel rocky, when I might need an extra session. I am so grateful that I gave it a try and would never have predicted the life-changing effect.

Laura, London