The fundamental point of five element acupuncture is the bespoke nature of treatment for each individual, rather than uniform treatment of symptoms. Subsequently sessions will vary from patient to patient. However, as a general outline, the initial 90 minute consultation is as follows:

1. What brings you here

The initial consultation session will form the basis of your treatment plan. The aim of the initial consultation is to allow your acupuncturist, Bruce, to establish your full case history by asking lots of questions. Initially we will focus on the main issue that has brought you to acupuncture. This will be followed by a look at any secondary symptoms you may have.

2. Lifestyle questions

Once we have explored the issues that you are seeking to alleviate through acupuncture, we’ll talk through a range of lifestyle questions. These may include finding out about your daily water intake, alcohol and coffee consumption, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle and exercise. The focus of these questions will vary depending on the issues identified at the start of the session.

3. On the couch

Bruce will then carry out a simple physical exam. This will include pulse taking, temperature reading by hand at three points along your torso, reading your centre pulse, neck and spine alignment and taking your blood pressure.

These first three steps are collectively known as the ‘Traditional Diagnosis’ and allow Bruce to fully understand your case and be able to plan the first round of your acupuncture treatment.

4. Gentle introduction to acupuncture

Bruce will carefully mark up the initial acupuncture points on your back in order to attain the best results. He will then begin your first acupuncture session, a gentle procedure with needles inserted lightly into the planned points on your body’s energy pathways. You can thoroughly relax while the needles are at work which will be for around 20 minutes, possibly longer in some cases.

5. Finishing up

Once Bruce has removed the needles, he will target a second, smaller area on your body such as hands or feet. These are bespoke points chosen for their particular relationship to the patient. These needles will be removed within a few seconds.

6. Next steps

Finally, Bruce will create a bespoke treatment plan for you and discuss future sessions at our clinic in Central London.

7. Preventative measures

Following a course of acupuncture treatment, an occasional top up session can be almost entirely preventative in nature. So, it is highly beneficial to give your body’s fundamental energy freeway an occasional retune to keep it in harmony.

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