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Five element acupuncture focuses on the cause of a patient’s associated issues in order to bring an alleviation of the presenting symptoms. It is this unique approach that makes it such a powerful tool for patients who would like to conceive. So, what are the benefits of acupuncture for fertility?

Fertility and pregnancy are so much more than the right balance of chemicals and physical environment. Five element acupuncture brings a holistic approach. It focuses on the bodily imbalances that are at the root of a patient’s fertility or pregnancy issues. It addresses both the physical symptoms, as well as the emotional challenges that you may experience along the way.

Whether you are still only at the planning stage of having a baby; are struggling to conceive; have known, or unknown fertility issues; or are embarking on IVF, five element acupuncture can support your journey. Five element acupuncture aims, over time, to create the optimum balance and harmony within your mind, body and spirit. Therefore, it is beneficial to begin your acupuncture treatment as early as possible when trying to conceive. This allows time to create the best possible internal environment within your body so it is ready for conception.

Bruce’s experience with acupuncture for fertility

My experience with treating people with fertility issues began soon after I graduated from acupuncture college in 2005.

I was asked to join an acupuncture clinic which was then well on its way to becoming a specialist fertility clinic. 90% of the people I saw there were coming to me with fertility issues and the experience I gained from my 5 years there was invaluable. I became very aware of how powerful five element acupuncture is. Its ability to get to the root cause of a problem and bring people to balance by targeting the core imbalance in a very direct and individualistic way.

This awareness is reinforced daily as I continue to treat people having trouble conceiving. Clients who have suffered multiple miscarriages. And people who are embarking on IVF treatment. I’m constantly in awe of the body’s natural ability to heal itself and how five element acupuncture is a powerful catalyst to that process.

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"I do feel that the acupuncture helped my body remember how to function normally"  

I can thoroughly recommend Bruce. Approaching 40, I had been trying for a second baby for over a year and after a first-trimester miscarriage I decided to approach Bruce for some acupuncture support. After just a few sessions my menstrual cycle changed from being rather unpredictable to text-book regular, and I conceived.

We have just been given the all-clear at the three-month scan, following a first trimester with none of the complications of previous pregnancies. I do feel that the acupuncture helped my body remember how to function normally, after the traumas of miscarriages, pregnancy and birth. It also had the side-effect of clearing up my eczema, not to mention being a great stress-reliever ... so, thanks Bruce.

Fiona, London

"Bruce approaches your concerns with compassion, understanding and a wise head"

Regardless of how I feel going into an acupuncture session with Bruce, I never fail to walk out feeling better, calmer and often smiling. His calm and understanding manner is a real tonic, especially if I have been feeling anxious, worried or depressed.

I first started having acupuncture as my periods weren't very regular, they were very painful and I suffered with PMT. I'm happy to say they are much more regular now, less painful and the days when you feel hormonally irrational are few and far between now!

During my pregnancy, I have received acupuncture to relieve morning sickness and persistent headaches. It was like a fog had lifted recently, such a relief! Pregnancy can also be an emotional roller coaster at times, so to feel some inner peace and equilibrium afterwards is incredibly helpful.

Bruce approaches your concerns with compassion, understanding and a wise head. I can highly recommend him as an acupuncturist. You definitely feel like you're in safe and trustworthy hands and I'm very grateful for his help over the years.

Amy, London